About Aatma

"I remember the cold day in November 2019.
I completed my first manuscript... Toxicity was the title. Twenty chapters long, hardly hitting 30,000 words. But it was in Toxicity that I found my love for the craft of building worlds and placing characters within them. So, it was that same day in November, that I gazed out upon the snow-covered fields of Eastern Missouri and came up with the idea for a grand series that would captivate the world. Through the Eyes of Five."

A. Aatma, otherwise known as Emma Miller, is a young midwestern author with a taste for fantasy works. Through many years of reading and drawing popular characters from big time media pieces like A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin or Furyborn by Clair Legrand, inspiration was sparked in Aatma to pursue an epic fantasy adventure of their own. 

Concept Art from the years Through the Eyes of Five was written and planned.

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